So you still want to be a hero? That's it, because Anu Game Studio is asking the world for a hero in its game; We Need a Hero. When a mad biology professor discovers a toxic substance, his formula accidentally leaks into the sewers, turning all the underground species into monsters. Now, the world needs a hero, but all it gets is an ordi- nary plumber called 'Jacky'. He isn't smart enough nary plumber called 'Jacky'. He isn't smart enough and 'sometimes does stupid things', you see what I mean? Jacky's not really the heroic type. Nevertheless, it's up to him to defeat the rampaging creatures and save the day.
As seen in the game's first screenshots, We Need a Hero is an artistic hand-drawn, 2D point-and-click adventure developed by indie game makers. The player will almost explore 60 backgrounds throughout the gameplay, each with its distinct atmosphere. There is going to be a large number of puzzles to solve, some of them are also very challenging. Befitting a monster game, the developers are also considering some action sequences and even 'boss fights' in the game, though these options aren't confirmed yet